All City Embroidery is one of the few embroidery companies left that offers on-site digitizing.

High-quality digitizing—it’s the first and most important step to producing terrific embroidery. If you start with a poorly digitized design, nothing else in the production process can compensate for it. That’s why most of our clients ask us to digitize their artwork, so we can ensure it’s perfectly production-ready.

We do not begin embroidery production until you are happy with your complimentary mockup. So we streamline the digitized-design approval process by emailing you a high-resolution, scanned image of your actual embroidered logo sample. After you’ve approved the digitized artwork, then our machine operators achieve the best possible embroidered results from the digitized design files by using industry-leading production techniques and materials.

We have a nearly around-the-clock staff working hard to get you high-quality embroidery promptly. We use Barudan embroidery machines and our Hoopmaster technology, ensuring perfect design placement and quick turnaround on the largest orders.

We offer a wide range of embroidery products, including retail 3-D (puff) embroidery and appliqué using tackle twill. – Embroidering on difficult products (like curved hats) and in difficult locations (like a shirt sleeve or collar).
Specializing in stitching areas other shops avoid–so with us, you can get crisp, small lettering, perfect outline registration, and smooth gradient color transitions.

We also double-check your order for accuracy when the garments arrive, when they are decorated, and a third time before it ships for errors. We pride ourselves on our fast production turnarounds.

3D Puff

This is the embroidery where a piece of art or lettering puffs out above the rest. A piece of foam is applied to your design to give it a raised, 3D look. The mascot or some of the lettering might be raised to add depth and height to a design. We can do your puffy logo on baseball caps, sports hats, and the like.


Applique embroidery is a textile art form in which one fabric is decoratively stitched on top of another. Appliques are available in various customizable fabrics and patterns. A sew file is then created to add applique stability and detail to your specific logo design.


Direct embroidery refers to the process of applying an embroidered logo or text directly to the item. In this process, the embroidered logo becomes part of the item itself. All City Embroidery specializes in large orders that require world-class embroidery.


Dealing with headwear is a dreadful and challenging thought for most embroiders. BUT NOT FOR US. our highly trained digitizers and embroidery production staff can easily switch out your designs on most headwear such as Hats, Bucket Hats, Visors, Snapbacks, 5&6 panels Caps and Beanies

Customize your clients’ corporate apparel

We have a decades-long track record of providing skillfully decorated products—embroidered hats, shirts, towels, bags, and so much more. We can embroider just about any type of garment. Here are some of our most popular.

We can embroider any order of any size to fit your needs with a short turnaround. We let our customers drive the process — we do not begin until you are happy with your complimentary mockup.